Friday, August 7, 2009

Azodin Kaos Pump Paintball Guns

Azodin Kaos pump paintball guns are a perfect way to enter the pump paintball gun scene. At a great price and with superb performance, there is no going wrong with Azodin Kaos pump paintball guns.

Azodin Kaos pump paintball guns offer great perfomance, ease of use, and overall an excellent gun all at a reasonable price. The Azodin Kaos features a standard auto cocker threaded barrel along with an ion threaded feed neck, perfect for the already many upgrades available for both.

One of the biggest complaints about auto cockers and pump guns is that the ball tends to roll out of the barrel, due to the detent either missing or going bad. Well, not any more. All Azodin Kaos pump paintball guns feature a Triad Ball Retention System that prevents balls from rolling out.

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